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지금 줄 수있는 유일한 것은 내 목소리입니다


my baby girl
hey, my name is zanne. i have existed on earth for 13 years going on 14. sophomore high school student. dancer & a lover. kpop fangirl. i spazz every now and then. sweet stuff makes me happy & hyper. my life ain’t perfect so this journal might contain rants and stuff. cinnamon rolls are love :). seeing other people smile makes me happy. unfortunately, I am easily intimidated by others . a clumsy/lost little girl. I’m known for that. Haha. I like new friends her and there so don’t be afraid to add me ‘cause I don’t bite :)
sprinkle a little sugar
so yeah, i love all of them but i can be biased sometimes ;) Current obsessions: the boy who puts his noonas into jail , Lee Taemin. The clumsy dancing machine, Lee hyukjae. Gentle giant, Ok Taecyeon. Mando cheeks, Jang Wooyoung. ♥ ilysfm:* all of you ;)
I can't stop my hearts beat because of Lee Taemin,Lee Hyuk Jae,Ok Taec Yeon killing me SOFTLY with his beautiful voice

cinnamon roll
dbsk,shinee,big bang,super junior,2ne1,wonder girls,snsd,untouchable,epik high,outsider,chung lim,2pm,2am,jumper,boa,csjh,crown j,seven,taegoon, after school,aj err..i may forget some groups so forgive me. might add more :p

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